Official homepage of the International Subcommission on Ediacaran Stratigraphy (ISCS) a subcommission of the International Commission of Stratigraphy and the International Union of Geological Sciences.


The Subcommission works towards three main goals:

(a) To facilitate international collaboration in research on Ediacaran stratigraphy and Earth history through subcommission sponsored field trips, workshops, and meetings;
(b) To search for criteria useful in the subdivision and correlation of Ediacaran strata;
(c) To define the basal boundaries of Ediacaran epochs (series) and ages (stages) through the establishment of global stratotype sections and points (GSSPs);
​ In addition, the Subcommission is committed to further communication with a wider public through grassroots initiatives to conserve important Neoproterozoic geological sites, to support International Geoscience Programme projects, and to encourage the wider dissemination of research findings on the worldwide web or in popular science publications.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Ediacaran Subcommission is committed to advancing the goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our field. We embrace those qualities and perspectives which make each of us unique, and will seek to foster a culture of inclusion that supports both broad and specific diversity initiatives by engaging all individuals to help them thrive. We value diversity and equity as core strengths which are essential elements of our, and all, scientific pursuits. ​We strive to follow these commitments in the following ways:

  • We will foster and maintain a safe environment which will respect all members of the Ediacaran Subcommission, International Commission on Stratigraphy, and community at-large (including student, professional, amateur, and retired members).
  • We will educate and encourage our members to be advocates for social justice and develop environments that reflect the diversity of our communities, thereby elevating cultural awareness.
  • We will ensure fair access to our meetings, conferences, field excursions, and other resources to ensure that all of our policies and practices are inclusive and equitable.
  • We will continue to grow by assessing membership practices and addressing intergroup disparities to develop a community representative of diverse backgrounds and experiences.